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Why Photo Videos?

Photo videos make wonderful gifts for family members, for those favorite neighbors who moved away ten years ago, and to preserve as history for your children and grand children.

Video offers you a simple way to protect these priceless moments. The best part? Instead of being locked into some album, family photos are now available to all family members. Everyone can now have copies of those priceless family moments!

We pledge to you...

  • To use only the best professional video and computer equipment to create your video "Masterpiece" -- you will want everyone in your family and all of your friends to watch it!
  • To provide you with a private screening of your photo video for your approval. We want to make sure your video is just the way you want it!
  • That each videotape you order is an original, not a second or third generation copy. We produce all of our photo videos in Stereo Hi-Fi for top quality sound!

Photos, Up To 8x10                     $0.95
Photos, 8x10 or Bigger               $1.50
Newspaper Photos, Articles     $1.50
Scrapbooks, Framed Photos    $2.50
Yearbook / Album Photos          $2.50
Set-Up Charge                              Varies

Titles                                               $8.00

Scrolling Titles                             $25.00 and up

Music (Per Song)                        $15.00
Music Cuing Per Song               $15.00
Slides                                             $0.95
Home Movies                               $0.14/Ft
Slides / Photos Mixing               $35.00 and up

Video Copies                                $14.95

DVD Copies                                   Call
Master VHS Tape                        $19.95

Master DVD                                  Call
Video Editing (By Request)       Call





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  • "...My Father watches his video every single day! You did such a wonderful job. My whole family is impressed. This Video means a lot to me" -- V. Rorus
  • "Thank you for the great job you did on the video. The quality was great. It brought tears of joy." -- N. Stodghill
  • "You did a great job on my son's Sports Scholarship Video! His grades alone would not have gotten him excepted in Bates College. The video helped a great deal. I have recommended your services to many people." -- R. Bedford



First make the tough decision -- which photos to choose and which to lose. We suggest you make a "YES" pile and a "NO" pile, putting all the photos that you may want to use in the "YES" pile and all the rest in the "NO" pile. WARNING - This step is way too much fun, so don't get caught looking at each photo for more than a moment! Try to zero in on the photos that will tell your family's story the best.


Gather all of your YES photos together. We suggest you put them in chronological order. Start with the early photos and work your way forward to the present day. You may have some photos or groups of photos that will work better in their own little chronological sequences, such as, career, job or business photos, house photos, lake home photos, vacations, grand-kids, etc. You can even accent these by using a special music theme for each group and perhaps even giving each group its own title, for instance, you could place the title "Out Babies"  before the grandchildren group.


Number your photos on the back with either a pencil or stickers (post-it notes work well) DO NOT USE  a pen as the ink may rub off onto the other photos. This is also the time to start thinking about music and titles. You'll at least want a greeting at the beginning and some closing statement at the end of your video. For example, if you are making an anniversary video, you could simply put "Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad" at the beginning and "With Love, from all of us" at the end, Or, if you wish, you can be more personal and creative in your titles. Why not use some poetry or a favorite quotation?


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