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Need a script written or pre-production planning for your project? Just give us a call! We can provide script writing services and consulting services for your video program. This pre-production step is the vital link between what you imagine your video to be and what it actually becomes -- an effective, memorable production!

Video Production

We provide video production services for a variety of applications. On the corporate or commercial side, we can produce excellent videos of business meetings and seminars, training sessions, sales presentations, and other events. On the consumer side, we can produce videos of parties and other special events, such as anniversaries, graduations, promotions, award ceremonies, etc. We use digital video cameras, professional audio equipment, and a digital editing system to produce spectacular programs for you!

Video Editing

After video taping is completed, the next step is to edit the raw footage into a professional, effective video program. We use a computerized non-linear editing system that gives us tremendous flexibility and spectacular special effects, such as wipes, dissolves, freeze frames, split screens, slow and fast motion, voiceovers, and sound effects editing. Our specialty is making your video program look great, no matter what the subject!

DVD Authoring

DVD now provides an excellent method for accessing and video quickly and easily. We offer custom menu, chapter points, etc. Imagine popping in a DVD and being able to select your favorite video program easily instead of having to fast forward through unwanted material. Just think of the time you'll save! This is a great service for both consumers with "home" video or our commercial and business clients who need the professional touch that DVD offers.

DVD DELUXE is one program that we can use to enhance your DVD experience. We can combine related videos onto one DVD complete with custom menus, chapter points, etc. Great for our business and consumer customers!

Photovideo Montages - Click for more information

One of our specialties! We will transfer your photos and slides to DVD with music & titles. Great for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, family reunions & memorials. Ask to see our Photo & Slide brochure.

Home Movie Transfers - Click for more information

We can transfer those old home movies & slides of yours into a crisp and colorful video complete with easy listening music. First, we clean your reels and then transfer those to video. Satisfaction guaranteed! Ask to see our home movie brochure.

Sports Scholarship Videos - Click for more information

International Conversions

We can convert from PAL, SECAM, & NTSC. We can also perform FORMAT CONVERSIONS from BETA, DV, Audio Reel to Reel.

Duplication & Transfer of Video & Audio

From VHS, DVD, CD, SVHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8MM, DV, Mini-DV, Reel to Reel.  We specialize in quick, high quality video duplication & use only the highest quality videotapes, DVDs, & CDs.

Tape Repairs

We can repair most any video & audio tapes. We recommend that once the tape is repaired that it is transfer to another medium, I.E. DVD or CD.

Legal Video Services

Settlement videos - Photos, newspaper articles, yearbooks, ribbons, pins, home movies, home videos, slides, wedding photos, career material & personal items; when put on video and combined with music, on camera interviews, have a powerful effect on the viewer. Call us today for more information.

Our Legal Video Services include:

-Video Tape, Audio Tape, DVD, & CD, Duplication

-Video Depositions

-Slow or fast motion video

-Video & Audio Enhancement

-Video Tape Repair

-Same Day Service

Powerpoint Conversions

Just as it sounds! Enjoy the power of your presentation with the convenience of video. And Yes, we can put it on DVD or Videotape. Call us for an estimate.

Web/Flash/Quicktime Videos

We can convert any file format to another, optimize for the internet, etc. Would you like your corporate video to be available to the internet viewing public? Of course! Not only can we convert any file format, but we can also create one for you from scratch!

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